Equipment specially designed to do inspections in the waterbath stunning. It is an electronic equipment, portable, which simulates a bird. It same should be hung in conveyor which passes the waterbath stunning and passing, collects and records all data in waterbath.

All data can be seen in a graphic display and transferred to a computer, to analyze the stunning process anomalies and check the installation.

It is mounted with insulating material, with graphic display, place for batteries, terminals for connection on installation and terminals for communication and transport case.


  • Frequency reading: 10Hz to 3kHz;
  • Current reading: 0mA to 200mA;
  • Voltage reading: 0V to 200V;
  • Reading stunning times and record data: 4s to 35s;
  • Data visualization: In graphic display and numerical data on the equipment;
  • Data storage capacity: Up to 30 complete tests;
  • Power supply: 3 AA batteries;
  • Kit necks in sizes 18cm, 25cm and 30 cm.

Optional: Electronic Bird data management software.

With the software installed on a computer allows you to download and view the numerical data, graphics that are stored in the Galinha Eletrônica (Electronic Bird) and generate reports for printing in PDF format. Communication with computer between RS-232 serial cable.


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