Equipment specially designed to do inspections in the waterbath stunning. It is an electronic equipment, portable, which simulates the electrical resistance of a poultry. All data can be viewed in a graphic display and transferred to a computer to analyze the stunning process and check anomalies in the installation.


  • Alcaline battery;
  • Frequency read range: 10Hz up to 3KHz;
  • Current read range: 0mA up to 200mA;
  • Voltage read range: 0V up to 200V;
  • Time read range and data register: 4s up to 30s;
  • Data presentation: Graphic display or numeric data in the equipment;
  • Data storage capacity: Up to 30 complete tests;
  • Necks kit with lenghts 180mm, 250mm and 300mm;
  • Equipment dimensions: 235x105x40mm;



The software Electronic Bird allows the user downloads the data to a computer and after that view the graphics generated by the equipment and create reports to analyze, print or export them to pdf. Serial communication through cable with RS 232.

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