Fluxo in 1998

Fluxo in 2010

Fluxo in 2011

The Fluxo is a consolidated company with over 25 years of experience in the market, whose main pillars are the valorization of customers, the welfare of its clients and employees and the research and constant improvement of its services and equipments.

The activities were initiated in 1986 with the founding of the Eletro Carminatti directed by eng. Lenoir Carminatti focused on technical assistance of industrial electronics equipments.

In 1998, with entry into membership of Tarcio Moresco and Alexandre Leandro Basei, it was founded the Fluxo Eletrônica Industrial. From then began the development of products directed to slaughterhouse industries and selling electronic equipment for agribusiness.

Two years after, there was the entry into the social framework of the eng. Emerson Putton Nogueira, initiating activities in the field of industrial automation and product development in the area of stunning of animals.

In 2002 were created two companies:Sitec Automação focused on automation services and Tesla Comercial Ltda for sales and services.

The Fluxo continued to grow significantly, in 2007 began activities with instruments calibration in the company and in 2010 was created the calibration laboratory, the LABCALI. In the same year, with the inauguration of its new building, moved to the new facility with more than 2000 m² of constructed area, projected thinking in the future.

The trajectory of the company over the years is marked by success, consolidating it not only as producer of products and service, but as a generator of solutions.


Keeping the focus on the present and the future, thinking about caring for the environment and the well-being of its consumers and employees, the Fluxo, in addition to prioritize these concepts to their products, also is careful to incorporate them into their premises. The new building, inaugurated in September 2010, has structure and equipment for use the rainwater, water heating system with solar panels and wall coatings with materials that absorb less amount of heat.

In November 2013 came into operation the photovoltaic power generation system with a power up to 3000 W.

Furthermore, it also has garbage recycling, fitness center and thermal pool for its employees, surrounding garden, airy room with air conditioned and use of natural lighting in all their environments.

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