The Fluxo voltage and current indicators were developed joining the digital display with a programmable three color graphic LEDs bar, to view if the measure is it in accordance with the predetermined parameters, with the possibility of alarm activation when they are not. As the only equipment on the market able to read current or voltage RMS AC + DC, and frequency ignal up to 2kHz, enables its use in any application, even those that require a dynamic response parameters obtained, independent of the applied waveform, they can be AC, DC, or any results from the sum of both. It can even be connected to the frequency inverters output to read the voltage or current.

With RS-485 communication and MODBUS RTU protocol (optional), the indicator can be connected to a supervisor, enabling the recording and storage of measured quantities, facilitating further analysis.

Depending of the version of ammeter or voltmeter it is possible obtaining the maximum and minimum register, the viewing of the peaks and valleys of the measured values without need to constantly look to the equipment, which will indicate them by flashing LEDs.


  • Power supply: 90-240V 50/60Hz (automatic);
  • Seleção automática de forma de onda True RMS (CA+CC, CC ou CA);
  • Maximum frequency of frequency meter: 2000Hz;
  • Programmable alarm on begin or end of scale;
  • Output alarm temporization;
  • Shows the magnitude through graphic bar or dot;
  • Programmable divisions on graphic scale;
  • Register of maximum and minimum values;
  • 7 segments display;
  • Output relay up to 250V/3A (optional);
  • RS 485 communication with MODBUS RTU protocol (optional).


  • Ammeter:
  • 0A - 1A;
  • 0A - 5A;
  • 0A - 10A;
  • 0A - 20A;
  • 0A - 30A;
  • 0A - 40A;
  • 0A - 50A;
  • 0A - 100A;
  • 0A - 200A;
  • 0A - 500A;
  • 0A - 999A;
  • Other ranges on request;
  • Voltmeter:
  • 0V-100V;
  • 0V-250V;
  • 0V-400V;
  • 0V-500V;
  • 0V-750V;
  • Other ranges on request;



With the supervisory system for digital indicators, it is possible view the values registerd by the instruments in a computer through MODBUS RTU communication. Also is possible create reports containing the measurements obtained and export or print them.

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