The FX 6.0 stunning was developed for stunning of pigs with manual or automatic application, through of the electric current in two points on the head and a cardiac point. It allows adjust the parameters of voltage, current, time and frequency, obtaining total control of the stunning process, adapting it to any situation required in the standard. Through of security devices integrated in the equipment, allows a safety operation, already in compliance with the NR10 brazilian standard. Can be integrated with automatic restraints, easing the total automation of the stunning process.


Data logger

It has RS485 communication with modbus RTU protocol, which provides the data for stunning, as the applied voltage, current, time and frequency for subsequent register, through of supervisory or indication by the FX100 accessory.

Digital indicator FX 100 / 8 fields

Distant viewing of the collected data in the head and chest of pig: Current, voltage, frequency and time of stunning.

Monitoring system of stunning pigs

The data are stored reliably in a database that enables the creation of individual reports from each carcass or batch reports, summarizing the stunning data of whole lot.


  • Single phase power: 220V/50Hz / 60Hz;
  • Voltage output: 10 to 440V;
  • Current output: 6A;
  • Frequency output: 100Hz a 2000Hz;
  • Electrical protection against overload;
  • Interface for parameters adjust;
  • Programmable time of 2 to 10 seconds;

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